Dear Friends and Colleagues, Dear Patients,

Given the present COVID-19 crisis, the Organizing Committee has taken the difficult decision to postpone the Congress till a yet undetermined date.

This decision is based on the following issues:

  • the first one is that the program includes patients' sessions and that their security is evidently our priority,
  • second, some colleagues have already announced that they cancel their participation for personal reasons or because they were embargoed by their hospital or country to travel,
  • third, the UNESCO has cancelled all the events for the month of March and France is about to switch to the epidemic “Phase 3” stage of the infection, so it is very unlikely that the situation is to change on April 7-9th.

The Organizing Committee is trying to find a new date or new dispositions as soon as possible. 

Accordingly, please cancel at once your flight and hotel reservations and see if you can be reimbursed or change the dates to still undefined later ones.

The Organizing Committee, thanks to the International Scientific Committee efforts, had assembled what we feel is a superb program and will pursue all its efforts to find a suitable solution to bring you all together in safe conditions. 

The Organizing Committee